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Pakistan's hottest mobile numbers exchange and pictures entertainment blog.

Boyfriends Wanted

Most popular pictures of any Pakistani girl on the Internet. Go get a life you guys looking for call girls? The point is, no such nudey nakedy pics exist on this blog at least. Chances are that in order to get her number, you will have to do something extraordinary instead of begging her for contact details or offering you ridiculous and stupid pictures. They’re fun, out going and have a great sense of humour. Flashing beautiful smiles for the camera.

Why are they always after pictures and mobile phone numbers? Furthermore, information on how many brothers and sisters they have and what their father does or did for a living is listed too. Be respectful of her. In case of being married, their husband’s occupation is listed for your benefit. Yes. When it comes to contacting girls in Karachi, details are important for everyone, whether the purpose is friendship or just plain little flirt.

Any girl in Karachi will vouch to the fact that it’s her outlook towards life which is more of her defining factors. Be gentle and hope that when she slams the phone on you, you’ll have the guts to call this girl, in Lahore and mohalla again. There are many different reasons why girls from Lahore are thought to be the most attractive, not more so because of the general nature of good looks amongst the nation of Punjabis. That’s the best we can offer. Meanwhile, to quench your thirst, here are a few pictures of Karachi girls while you eagerly await the location of the list of thousands of mobile phone numbers of girls in Karachi. Have a nice fun time with your girlfriends and call her and give her gifts and flowers and chocolates.

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