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Mobile Phone Numbers

Pakistan's hottest mobile numbers exchange and pictures entertainment blog.

Mobile Numbers Mania

com results we have:. Guys prefer numbers that are good to show off in a gathering while giving out their numbers to anyone under the sun. Pakistani women lead ambitious, career oriented lives. Of course a gawky blog reader like you can only hope to be invited. Get a life and a job. First you have to make sure that you and the Pakistani girl that you wish to connect to are part of a phone network.


Advice is this, you will get a dose of a few pictures of Karachi girls here, but to contact them - and heaven help you there - you need to say more than that. Ufone. You don’t expect to be disappointed and this blog will not disappoint you. They love to chat on mobile phones and they keep their Ufone, Warid, Mobilink, Wateen, Jazz, Paktel, Instaphone, mobile phone numbers secret from desperate lurkers like yourself. What, you were expecting something else? She likes horses too which is just written here to provide some relevance to the picture below, which is of a hot Lahore girl with a horse.


Therefore it is now a better time than before to get a mobile phone in Islamabad cheaply and reliably. If it’s not a husky sexy girl’s voice in Karachi, chances are that a poor little picture viewer like yourself is years away from something like that. Those could be computer games, vidoe games, arcade or even board games. She is a great friend and her friendship is precious. We have girl pictures from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and NUST. They love to hang out with their girl friends at places like Hot Spot, and other areas of the city like Blue Area, Jinnah Super market etc.

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