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This girl will talk to you full night

Karachi is a open-minded city with open-minded friendly girls. You can chat with them or go for a date with them but you’ll have to be very very lucky to do so, which many of you reading this blog are not and just cheap charlie Karachi boys that you are. Guys prefer numbers that are good to show off in a gathering while giving out their numbers to anyone under the sun. Btw the pic is not mine. If any particular group of Pakistani or Karachi population is crazy about music, it is the Karachi girls.


Apple’s iPhone is still hard to find in Pakistan Enjoy. Did you get your last girl friend’s photo and mobile posted on a hundred blogs or chat sites today? If only you had their numbers, how you wish. Yes, Isloo girls are hot, too. This girl will talk to you full night.


This has caused social tensions amongst traditionally conservative class and the new modern and educated classes. She is more witty and has a sense of humor that sometimes puzzles men around her.

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